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"The Hare and The Tortoise" our float in the Tournament of Roses Parade January 2, 1967 took First Prize of the five entries in the Fraternal Division. The theme of the parade was "Travel Tales in Flowers". One stipulation for each float is that it be covered with flower petals, leaves, seeds or roots. Our entry required twenty-one of these items including mums of five different colors. Varieties of seeds and leaves were used such as Ti leaves, silver dollar eucalyptus, silver leaf, asparagus fern tips, onion seed and black root of the water hyacinth. which was needed for the eye lashes.

Also used were pampas grass, cedar bows, pink poinsettia petals, red and white carnations, orange calendulas, red roses and blue bachelor-buttons. The roses are placed in test tubes with a solution to preserve them. The cedar bows form a bed for the roses and hold the test tubes in place.

Paul D. Bishop, PGP, Chairman of the Float Committee.