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"HARK. HARK, THE ARK" our float in the Tournament of Roses Parade January 1, 1968 took First Prize in Class M - the Fraternal Organizations and there were four entries in this division. The parade theme was "Wonderful World of Adventure."

The animals shown on the deck of the ark were a tiger, lion, monkey, giraffe, camel, hippopotamus with the tiger holding an umbrella and some of the other animals were animated while the monkey was perched on top of a pole. A continuous tape was played emitting out the sound of a zoo.

The flowers used were 200,000 chrysanthemums of varied colors as well as pampas grass, Silver leaf, Ti leaves. Root of Hyacinth, Onion seeds, Vanda Orchids and a few yellow Roses.

This was our 14th float and our floats have taken twelve prizes. No cash is given - only a large framed color picture with a plate showing our position in our division in awards - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Donations are needed from all if this project, started by California, is to continue.

Paul D. Bishop, PGP, Chairman of the Float Committee.