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"TAKING THE PARADE TO EUROPE VIA EARLY BIRD" was the theme of our January 1, 1966 float. The theme of the Tournament of Roses parade was "It's A Small World." This is the 12th year we have entered a float in the parade.

We took second prize in the Fraternal Division. This prize gives us ten winners out of twelve entries.

Our beautiful float was covered with 300,000 white, maroon, tan, orchid and other colored mums; 50,000 dollar size eucalyptus leaves and red and white poinsettia petals. Onion seed, Sea oats and milo maize were also used to cover the legs. The lettering was covered with green tea leaves.

The parade was viewed from reserved seats by our Sovereign Grand Master James Main, the President of I.A.R.A. Rose Seeley, Grand Master of California Elmer Garlick, and President of Rebekah Assembly of California, Lucile Krecek.

The benefit to our Order of this advertising was realized by these officers as they saw the thousands upon thousands who viewed the parade in person and considered the numbers who would see it on television. They also experienced a new interest as they saw first hand the flowers, leaves and seeds glued in place on the plastic sprayed frame work of the float.

Paul D. Bishop, PGP, Chairman of the Float Committee.