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Collector's pin

Theme: "Ten Little Indians"

Award Winner: "Tournament Special Trophy"

The front of the float depicts a large decorated drum, with huge feathers, which served as the dance floor for the ten little Indians to perform. Toward the center of the float, two adult Indians sit in front of a very beautiful tepee with its many colors. Behind thetepee, and Indian chief, wearing an extra large colorful feathered headdress, is sitting on his horse, with an Indian maiden standing at his side, both viewing the dancers.

The riders: Indian dancers - Archie Alcanter, Age 13, Pottawatomie; Joshua Accosta, Age 8, Comanche, Witchita; Thomas Knife Chief, Age 11, Comanche, Witchita, Pawnee; Kajo Wade, Age 14, Sioux; Angela Wade, Age 10, Caddo, Osage; MelindaHale, Age 12, Navajo; Melody Logan, Age 13, Comanche, Kickapoo; Meriah KnifeChief, Age 11, Comanche, Witchita, Pawnee; Briana Wakolee, Age 8, Sac & Fox,Shawnee, Hopi; John Bradley, Age 10, Cherokee; Jackie Vinsant, Grand Ruler of California - on the horse; Deanna Marriott, Theta Rho President of California -maiden next to horse; Russell Kelly, Grand Ruler of Colorado - on the left of the tepee; Stephanie Dean, U.N. Winner From Massachusetts - on the right of the tepee.

Robert Gennaria.