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"Our National Pastime" was the theme of the 1985 Odd Fellow & Rebekah Float in the 96th Tournament of Roses Parade. Commemorating the "Spirit Of America" theme. A beautiful float drawn by ten mules furnished and driven by Sam Smiser. The float shows an old fashioned ice wagon, followed by a park scene of old time costumes. On the front bench were Linda Sehlhorst, Calif. and Bobbie Joe Winans of Arizona. In the front of the park is Odd Fellow, Pete Montouth, in his loud suit hawking tickets. On the bicycle is Ted Lamphere, Grand Ruler of Calif. Behind him are the two baseball players, Richard Dreize of Florida and Scott Moore of Oklahoma. Grand Rulers. The pretty lady pushing the buggy is Holly Crum, Theta Rho from Montana. On the rear bench is Amy Smith of California, Arthritis Poster Girl, and Abby Dalton of Falcon Crest Fame and Chairman of The Arthritis Foundation of Southern California. Watch the 1985 video.

Robert Haynes, Chairman of the Float Committee.