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Collector's pin

12 Lucky winners take The Ride of a Lifetime down Colorado boulevard on January 1, 2007. Their ride was in a 1940's "woody" convertible, with rumble seat, down a brick road made of Idaho potatoes with tall trees swaying in the back ground. The riders are:

Pat Servetti, San Francisco, CA
Douglas, Canyonville, OR
Terry Pedersen, Windsor, CA
Leura, Rebekah, Glasgow, MT
Karen R. Shaw, Calgary Al, Canada
Donna Raichard, Middletown, CA
Sally L. Minkler, Fresno, CA
Engel, Wisconsin Rapids, WS
Brian Bottrill, Dundas, Ont, Canada
Kenny Adkins, Grand Ruler of CA
Paul Kramer (and wife), Cupertino, CA
Chrystal Reed, Pres. Theta Rho Assy, CA

Artist's Concept