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Collector's pin

Our entry Opening Night was awarded the prestigious Princess trophy. It is a miniature sweepstake float, 19 ft long, 9 ft wide and 12-1/2 ft in height. The smallest float in the history of the parade. Watch the 1993 video.

The float is decorated with miniature varieties of roses, mums, carnations, anthuriums and orchids. An open fabarge-type egg, revealing an ornate peacock. The egg is separated from its bed of miniature roses by a ring of miniature pink anthurium. The egg is covered with lunaria, edged with gold strawflowers and accentuated with "jewels" (styrofoam, covered with orange lentil seeds.) Inside the egg, a bed of a variety of miniature roses. The peacock is perched on a gnarled dogwood limb, covered in silverleaf, dogwood "blossoms" consisting of pink anthurium back to back, highlighted with sprays of fragrant gardenias. The peacock is a masterpiece of floral decoration. Blue and purple statice cover the body. The breast is iris petals. The wings are chartreuse moss, yellow carnation petals, green gladiola petals, vanda and dendrobium orchid petals. The iridescent tail is covered with black seaweed, iris petals, vanda and dendrobium orchid petals, green and yellow gladiola petals, blue, purple and rose statice, angel hair and yellow oncidium orchids.

This magnificent float was truly a labor of love on the part of the odd fellows and rebekahs who worked so diligently to decorate it. The float is one that every odd fellow and rebekah, worldwide †can be very proud of!

The float rider this year is Robert D. Irving, PSGM, I.O.O.F.