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"Americas Future, Helping Others."

The 23rd float in a row for the order, featuring the Three Large Gold Links, symbol of the Odd Fellows of the World, with the Stars, the Olive Branch, and the Red Ribbon entwined around, was designed with the thought of winning the coveted Bicentennial Award which would give us more publicity. Decorated with Gold Mums, Yellow Roses, Carnations, Dock Seed, Orchids, Iris, and many thousands of other flowers, it won second place in our division. The Odd Fellows have been made great by helping others in the past, and it is our vision it will bring us to the forefront of fraternalism in the future. The riders were, Kathy Kohler, from Ill., Rillis Jones of Arizona, Bill Brayton and Cindy Laudeman of California. All are junior Odd Fellows and Theta Rhos. They were all a credit to our order.

Robert Haynes, Chairman of the Float Committee.