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This beautiful float, entitled "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" won 2nd place in the fraternal division. This was the nineteenth year of participation.

The center motif, 10 ft. heart in hand, depicts love. The three links beneath, showing, friendship, love and truth. The peace garden shows the friendly relations between The United States and Canada. "Our 60 Homes" demonstrates our love for our elderly brothers and sisters and orphans. "Eye Research" to which the Odd Fellows & Rebekahs give so generously, portrays the search for truth. The emblems on the front and rear of the float show some of the projects we are involved in, with the "All Seeing Eye" watching over all, give further proof of the world wide humanitarian aspects of this great fraternal order.

The float is 50 ft. long, 17 ft. wide, and 16 ft. high. Covered with 1000s of red, orange, and yellow mums, calendulas, four colors of roses, petals of pink and white carnations, orchids, corn flower, seeds and many more.

Riding the float are, Ken Nichols, Grand Ruler and Cheryl Disney, Pres. Theta Rhos Assembly of California. (Picture side) not shown, (opposite side) James Jepsen, Deputy Grand Ruler and Jill Vorndran, Vice President Theta Rho Assembly.

Robert Haynes, Chairman of the Float Committee.