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This float entitled "Rocket Honeymoon" was entered by the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs in the Tournament of Roses Parade held at Pasadena, California, January 1, 1958, taking first prize in its division.

The cost of this project was $4500 plus about 800 hours of donated labor for placing the flowers on the float. This work was done by Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, Theta Rho Girls and Junior Odd Fellows living in the general area of Pasadena. Nancy Johnson, President of the Theta Rho Assembly of California, and Robert Taylor, Grand Ruler of the Grand Junior Lodge of California, were passengers in the float. The space suits worn by them were used in the movie "Destination Moon". The flowers used to cover the float consisted of 100,000 yellow and white chrysanthemum blossoms used on the moon and base. 4,000 vanda orchids covered the support rod for the stars that appeared to be hanging from the moon. 5,000 poinsettia petals of red, orange and yellow produced the jet flame and 4,000 red carnations covered the jet fins and point. About 30,000 stock blossoms (cream colored) covered the body of the jet and two large bouquets of red roses gave the finishing touch, one on the very front of the float and the other carried by the bride (Nancy Johnson) riding in the jet.

Paul D. Bishop, PGP, Chairman of the Float Committee.